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Rushing and joining Zeta Beta Tau was the best decision I have made in my entire life. As an incoming freshman from South Dakota, I was isolated and knew no one attending the University of Arizona upon arrival. ZBT provided a home for me and so much more. Upon joining the chapter I gained over 150 best friends and lifelong brothers that I know will have my back no matter the circumstances. I chose ZBT because of the chapter's incredible character and immense respect amongst all brothers and everyone in the community alike. Beyond this, I enjoy the house’s diversified skill sets, alumni network, and strong brotherhood bond.

Since becoming a brother, I have come to know so much more about ZBT and each of my individual brothers. It is a joy that I will forever be grateful for that I am a part of such a respectable organization with men of high character. Joining ZBT and the Greek community at the University of Arizona has allowed me to be much more involved and do more good in my community. I have certainly become a much more skilled, confident, and personable man since joining Zeta Beta Tau.

As President, I seek to promote the betterment of our great chapter through the establishment of respectful, virtuous young men in our community. We aim to do good and create a safe and welcoming environment for all, and we do this through many different avenues and events for brothers alone and the UofA community at large. Nearest to our hearts, we hold our strong brotherhood bond.

As president, I greatly look forward to engaging with anyone interested in pursuing their own personal development through joining our extraordinary chapter, and I hope to one day call you my brother.


Jake Roelen  
ZBT AO5 President


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Rush Chairman: Dillon Hennesy
President: Jake Roelen  

Welcome to Alpha Omicron!

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the University of Arizona system and Zeta Beta Tau. Our chapter prides itself on the diversity of its membership and the different types of men who decide to call themselves Zeta Beta Taus. Whether it’s playing intramural sports, studying in the library, or exchanges with sororities, Zeta Beta Tau offers a variety of activities that many different personalities have enjoyed and everyone who has can say that they are better men after doing so. We sincerely hope you consider rushing Zeta Beta Tau.


The Men of Alpha Omicron of Zeta Beta Tau

Why join a fraternity?

It is not unusual to hear a fraternity man credit his chapter for contributing more to his education than the classes she attended at college. Why?

As a new student to The University of Arizona, you are no doubt being hit with a barrage of information about the wide variety of experiences that college life has to offer. Spend as much time as possible reading and evaluating this information, the things that you will learn are not fabrication, and if you’re serious about making the most of college and life, you will find them important.

A lot of students attend The University of Arizona. People from backgrounds as far ranging as you can imagine. You will come into contact with many in your classes. Some you will develop friendships with. You will also get a first class education inside of the classroom from quality faculty. However, you will do your greatest learning outside the classroom, and you will develop your lifelong friendships from those you meet in organizations.

And guess what? It is these things which the Greek system is best at helping develop. It is these abilities, this learning outside of the classroom that makes the Greek system what it is. By banding together as a group of individuals with common objectives, an atmosphere is fostered where leadership, communication, conflict management and interpersonal skills are demanded. Out of this need springs learning, adapting and personal growth. Fraternity life, above all the many other benefits it offers, gives you practice for life in the real world.

So, when you hear a fraternity man credit his success to his fraternity…believe him!

Benefits of Greek Life

  • Out of the 5,000 general fraternity chapters, a majority consistently achieve high grade point averages than the all women averages.
  • 65% of fraternity members graduate from college, compared with only 45% of non-members.
  • Of the current United States Senators and Representatives, 24% are fraternity members.
  • 85% of the U.S. Supreme Court Justices since 1910, have been Greek.
  • Of the nation’s 50 largest corporations, 43 are headed by Greeks.
  • 85% of Fortune 500 executives are fraternity members.
  • 71% of the Who’s Who in America listees are also fraternity members.

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