A Note from Lukas Pakter, President of University of Arizona Zeta Beta Tau

The Greek community at the University of Arizona is unmatched. The benefits of joining Greek life are endless and provide undergraduates with an opportunity to make stronger connections than they have ever before. Rushing a fraternity offers the ability to seek out and join an organization that adheres to exactly what values you are looking for in a group of life long friends. Put simply, if you make the right decision, the guys you will meet in your fraternity will be the groomsmen at your wedding, the godfathers to your children, and so much more.

Why is ZBT the only right choice for you? College is one of the best times of a young student’s life. In any fraternity, you will find partying and a social life. However, the brotherhood found at the ZBT fraternity cannot be compared with any other. Speaking from personal experience, I am closer with and have a stronger connection with the brothers in my fraternity than I have with the friends I have known my entire life. ZBT is filled with individuals that respect each other. Furthermore, our fraternity strives for success in every aspect of life. ZBT prides itself on the fact that it is challenging. We will challenge you to become the absolute best version of yourself in every way you can imagine and prepare you to attack the real-world head on post-graduation. Our alumni network stretches to all corners of the country and provides graduates with incredible job and business opportunities that cannot be found elsewhere because they trust that if you are in ZBT, you can handle whatever comes your way. The ZBT Alpha Omicron chapter at the University of Arizona has molded and transformed its members into men that can confidently say they are proud of themselves and are going places.

I strongly look forward to anyone who will accept the challenge of being a ZBT and who I will one day call my brother.

Lukas Pakter | President | ZBT


Recruitment Chair:

If interested in fall recruitment contact Nick Ford at nickford3030@gmail.com or (480) 980-9726